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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Crazy day

I've had a little bit of a crazy day so I don't really have time for a post today. I'll just give quick update on the leveling:

I'm level 43 at the moment and currently looking for the next quest zone to dive into. I'm not really taking advantage of the LFG system that much because it takes around 15 minutes to get into a group, my mana regen still sucks compare to other caster DPS and well my spec is designed for questing/soloing for the most part. When I do fancy a dungeon or have the quests for something I usually queue up whilst questing in a zone and then just jump in when I find a group.

I chose to work Improved Psychic Scream and Silence into my spec for questing just because they really help when tackling particular types of mobs and although most people avoid these talents whilst questing I would rather be able to control each fight than increase my damage or mana regen slightly. Its only three talent points anyway but I like having the option to silence a last minute heal or Fear a group of mobs to escape.

I should have plenty of time tomorrow (its 2AM so technically its today I guess) for a decent post and sorry for the rushed update.

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